Setting up email on an iPad

Setting up your iPad email client to send and receive your email

First, go to your Settings and select 'Mail,Contacts, Calendars' and select 'Add Account'

On the next page fill in the information from the details of your email account from your cPanel page, as shown below. We've used the 'Secure SSL/TLS Settings' details in these images, as these are the most secure settings. Your email settings will differ from those shown in our example.

This will be enough to make your iPad load the incoming mail. You will need to check some settings in one more place to make sure the outgoing mail is set up right on your iPad though. 
Click on SMTP, as shown in the image below.

Make sure the 5 shown settings in the image below contain the email settings for your email account.

You should now be able to both send and receive email on your iPad.

Secure SSL/TLS Settings
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